Friends make me happy.

Beware I am on the prowl, looking for action. Looking for new friends to put into my collection. I love to comment and I am a regular updater on my journal. So if you are looking for someone who loves his journal or you are looking for new LJ friends, hit me up and tell me that u added me so I can add u back : )
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Me so horny..........

I am really horny right now, just to let ya know, all I could think about is sex, real sex, not the shit I was talking about last night, because that was a joke, I was just extremely bored and tired, I'm surprised I didn't arouse any attention from the LJ office. But one look at my journal and u can tell what type of person I am. I am not a sicko. I don't stay on the computer to get attention, if I wanted to get real attention I would do it in a social situation. But my problem is I need a girl I can take care of, anyone have any suggestions of where I can go to get known, besides clubs?
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(no subject)

Dude this is just too much fun, either I am going to get kicked off or I am going to chase everyone out of this group. This is me a raging homosexual faggot. You don't know me but I know every mother fucker in here. Die fuckers this is my group get out of my group, I want to fuck all of ya, I really do. I will do anything ya tell me to do. I give good handjobs, blowjobs, I love facials. I also love to fuck women really hard in the ass, sometimes I make them bleed. I love to rub the blood on there face but it is usually when they have passed out from the knock out pill, I gave them at the club, But I could do alot of damage to a knocked out girl, even thinking about the possibilities gets me all hot and horny.
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Ya want shock ( a preview of my group you lasy bitches)

All right pussies, I took off my jacket for this one, I am going to free flow some shock right now, right down into your fucking gut. Now I believe there is a fine line between shock and being a total asshole, for example I shock for entertainment reasons and if I think that I have gone to far I will apologize. All right lets hit this up right quick. I want to be fucked in the ass by a fat girl, while sucking on a she-man's cock. I want to be brutally raped by a bunch of dudes. I want to eat me some man ass, and u think I am playing, I am serious watch me record the whole shit and telecast live on TBN because I will go into there studio, give Jerry Falwell a juicy blowjob, fucking rape his daughter, cut off her tits and put them in the offering plate to my mother fucking God in whom I love, yes lets give a hell yeah to Satan, I am his mother fucking instrument, anything he tells me to do I will. Blessed Be to the Most Holy Morning Star Satan.
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(no subject)

Part Of Kerry's Five Point Plan For Rural And Small Town Economies
WASHINGTON, Aug. 16 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The following was released today by Kerry-Edwards 2004 (part 2 of 2):

-- Fight Methamphetamine Abuse in Rural America. Today, methamphetamine abuse is the top crime problem in many rural communities. There were more than 16,000 law enforcement actions against meth labs in 2003, and the number of youths killed or injured in meth lab-related incidents grew from 15 in 2000 to 47 in 2003. County sheriffs have had success at combating meth by raiding laboratories and breaking up production and dealing operations. Yet George Bush has sought to slash funding for the COPS program by nearly 90 percent, and this year he is seeking to cut funding for anti-meth "hot spots" enforcement by 63 percent. That makes no sense. John Kerry and John Edwards will fully fund the COPS program to hire sheriffs in rural communities, and they will fully fund efforts to help sheriffs break up methamphetamine production and sales in "hot spots" throughout rural America. As part of this effort, Kerry and Edwards will support new partnerships between state and local prosecutors to fight this drug epidemic.

Apparently, we've helped the epidemic.
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All right this pisses me off.......

Why the fuck would ya want to join some randomn community that someone just left, abandoned and don't give a shit about, instead of joining mine, I have posted my community about 3 times once in SEVAGOTH, once in my user journal, and in another community (cant remember the name of it but i did) and i only have one fucking mbr, come on guys, u would love my fucking group, you can write and post as much shocking and provoking words as possible. It isn't that serious it is just for fun and entertainment to see how provoking you can be. So fucking join it damnit or I well hunt every last one of u like the dirty smelly pigs you are. It is called ratherhard, look it up.
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